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Coolest caps for children

The Hello Hossy® philosophy

Since its creation in 2018, Hello Hossy® team is driven to create colorful caps that make children smile. Original caps that bring our toddlers out and are fun to wear. Hello Hossy® is the first brand to specialize, 100%, in the creation and design of stylized, colorful, original caps for babies and children, from 9 months. Caps with character; endearing for babies, appealing for parents.

Our story

Hello Hossy® is born in the enthusiasm of a sunny weekend in April 2018. On that day, Ludovic & Murielle, talk about the arrival of their first child. The subject of accessories for kids keeps coming back. « Not that easy to find cool accessories. We should launch a trendy brand of caps for babies and children. » Good intuition. Murielle did not suspect what to expect.

A few weeks later, the first Hello Hossy® models come to light. And, kids love them. Difficult to reverse. In September 2018, it was the big launch. The concept stores for kids “buy-in,” parents too. More than a product or commercial success, it is a family business that is created. “It’s just hard to find modern, creative, colorful caps for your kids, while for parents, it’s unlimited.”


Murielle, 32, Ludovic, 33, met on school benches. Both passionate about product development; they quickly find common points. Not born of entrepreneurs families, they move forward with feeling, creative ideas, and enrich themselves from their life experiences abroad. Nothing intended them to start a family business, except their keen interest in the entrepreneurial and their creativity. Curious, always looking at the latest trends, listening to others, they cling to their idea: “New generations of parents want to share a lifestyle, an identity, a passion with their children. This happens first with the style of dressing. It is this desire that we decided to launch Hello Hossy®.”

Parents talk about caps (better than us)

« Hi Hello Hossy, your caps are too fun! I love them. Finally, caps not gnangan for little girls and with trendy design. »

« Stunner deigns! Well done because caps for kids are usually banal and not stylish. »

« The delivery was speedy. Cap is superb! I cannot wait to see Valentin wearing it and discovering it. He will be super happy! Congratulations for this wonder! »

The cap manifesto

We created Hello Hossy® with spontaneity, freshness, and enthusiasm. Each cap is designed to make sure kids will love it. Cap is a unique accessory that inspires and gives confidence. It reflects your personality. Whether for adults or kids, the same result. 

At Hello Hossy®, it goes further. It is a symbolic cap as it is the first.

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